Partnership Opportunities

The School of Self Made also has a mission to help build up other entrepreneurs bringing awareness to several brands.  If you're interested in a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement, send us a note at  We'll get back to you ASAP.  

*Full disclosure, some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you. If you do purchase, know that there's no extra cost for you. And I would never, ever recommend something that I truly didn't believe in. If you look, these are all products and services that I personally use!

Here's a couple of our favorite online business entrepreneurs who are growing their brands.  Check them out. You might enjoy them!


We use BlueHost for the majority of any website we put together.  Whether you want to create a blog, ecommerce store, or anything your heart desires Blue Host is the best web hosting service I've used in the past 8 years or so.  The service and customer service are great.  No problems at all.  

The web hosting options are insanely affordable.  We're talking less than the price of one gallon of gas per month.  The more years you commit to, the lower that price goes. Currently under out main umbrella brand, we have 5 other brands all using Blue Host.  They also offer a free trial.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.  If you have ever wanted to start an online business or blog, now is the time to do it.  


SEMRush might actually be the most powerful, robust, and versatile SEO, Keyword Research Tool, and Social Media planner all in one.  I understand that the price point might not be for everyone, but if you consider the fact that you could probably eliminate some other services you currently pay monthly (Something like Hootsuite) then it's actually not bad at all.  In addition, they also do offer custom packaging.  You just have to ask.  

When I first signed up for SEMRush I will admit I was kinda overwhelmed at first.  There's just so much STUFF. Luckily, SEMRush will provide you with your own personalized instructor who will not only call you once a week, but also do a one on one video conference each week.  My instructor even went out of their way to provide me with documents (I learn better reading) tailored to my wants and needs.  

The amount of information you can gather from SEMRush is second to NO ONE. I use the service literally everyday.  I can't say enough good things about them so I recommend sign up for the free trial.  If you're not blown away by the amount of information and content you can gather in less than an hour, I don't know if I can help you with SEO.

And lastly, SEMRush also provides an extremely thorough library of articles, videos, podcasts, and webinars to teach you how to use their service.  Once you learn how, which doesn't take long at all, you will literally see your traffic grow quickly.  I mean real quickly.  I doubled my traffic for one new brand within a week.  It's just so convenient and useful. I truthfully don't see myself ever using another tool.  I just don't think anything could ever match the content and abilities that SEMRush has right now.  

Post Affiliate Pro

Hopefully, with a little work and guidance you'll get the the point where you're selling a product, digital product, or service and you want to scale that income by bringing on your own team of affliates.  Enter Post Affiliate Pro.  Now, with their super to easy to use software, you can have other people sell your products for you and just pay them a commission.  This is the way the world works today.  With basically every company in the world utilizing affiliate marketing, you should too.

I get it. You don't want to give up any of the profits.  Well say you sell your products/courses/whatever on your own.  Because you're only one person you can only make say 10 sales a month.  If each sale is worth $100, you make $1000 for the month.  Now say you have 10 affiliate partners using Post Affiliate Pro to sell your products.  Each of those affiliates have 10 sales a month at $100 each.  Do the math.  That $1000 a month you were making just turned into $10,000 a month.  Sure, you have to pay them a commission, but when you scale like that, I think it's more than worth it.  

Sign up TODAY if you have a product you want to sell.  You will thank me later. In fact, I'll even let you send me a gift card for a fancy restuarant.  


Online Course Creation is sweeping the internet. As more people are using online methods to gain education you can only expect that to increase.  Teachable is by far my favorite online course creation service. In addition to hosting my own courses, helping market them, etc. I also am a student in about a half dozen courses currently.  

Teachable offers tons of features. Integrations, analytics, customization, and so much more. Their customer service is top of the line.  One of the big features I like; unlimited everything. No bandwidth max, or anything.  Teachable is the frontrunner in online course content creation. As this industry grows, so will they; but it's going to be really difficult for any company to catch up to them.  

Check out a free trial.  You get 14 days using my promotion links.  But I do want to address something. Personally it took me awhile to get going with my online course creations, mostly because I wasn't sure if I was at a level that was good enough. I can't help laughing about it now as I've had tons of students and helped them put thousands in their bank accounts.  

Word of advice. You don't have to be the absolute expert in your field or hobby.  You just have to be a little further than your audience. Most of all, you have to have a desire and passion of helping people. Trust me; once you start providing value and positive impact on the lives of others, you'll get hooked and want to create more.  It can be anything from something technical like building SEO backlinks to something fun, like teaching people how to cook your favorite meal. There's an audience for everything.  Try Teachable. Or at the very least, check out some of the amazing courses.  


If you're wanting to grow or scale any part of your digital marketing campaign, ConvertKit is hands down the best option for your money.  ConvertKit has a ton of features like email list building, landing page designs, sales funnel automation, and free downloads of your lead magnets.  Plus their site has a ton of educational resources and guides.  And to top it off, ConvertKit doesn't treat you like just another customer.  Their customer service is absolutely top notch.  I switched to ConvertKit months ago and honestly, I don't think I'll be going anywhere else again. 

If you're on the fence about email marketing in general, you need to get on the train ASAP.  My biggest regret in online business is not making my email list building a priority sooner.  ConvertKit does have a free trial for newbies, but honestly after you use it compared to other services like Mailchimp, you might do what I did after 3 days and upgrade to a paid plan.  They just make it easy.  Easy to understand.  Easy to use.  You won't regret it.  Plus email marketing is HUGE in 2020 and beyond.  

QuickBooks Online

Let's face it. Accounting and bookkeeping isn't exactly the sexiest thing for most entrepreneurs to deal with.  I despise the data entry aspect of it.  Years ago when I owned several physical location businesses I actually would just file a receipt in a folder when I got it and then a week or two before tax time I would marathon 2-3 days of sorting and calculating.  Thank God that's a thing of the past.

QuickBooks allows you to integrate with a ton of different services.  No more data entry for me.  Once it comes in or goes out, it automatically records to QuickBooks.  You just take a few minutes to set up your vendors at the beginning and that's it.  Plus it's affordable at around $20 a month.  That's a small price to pay to not deal with the headache.  They even offer things like mileage tracking for when you're on the go through the mobile app.  Needless to say, I no longer have a stack of receipts waiting for me thanks to QuickBooks.  


Now here's a cool and unique idea.  MissingLettr decided to do something totally different while keeping costs as low as humanly possible.  So you obviously work very hard on content.  Why not get the absolute most out of that content by using MissingLettr?  

MissingLettr will allow you to put your content in front of those in the same industries or niches who are also looking to curate and share the content of others. So now, instead of just being seen by your followers, you open your content up to be seen by millions of others who want and need to share content of others.  It's legitimately a no brainer.  

Don't pass up this opportunity.  Now is the time to grow your brands by using the content you break your back producing.  Don't let that hard work only get seen by a few hundred people when you can have it seen instantly by millions.  Use MissingLettr.  Grow your brand.  


I was hesitant about taking on another platform to use for promotion, but video is not going to stop growing.  With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world behind only Google, it's foolish to not take advantage of what is offered.  Instead of the learning curve of figuring out things like thumbnails and YouTube SEO, I use TubeBuddy.  

TubeBuddy is super simple to use and understand.  It allows you to quickly grow your YouTube channel giving you more opportunities to spread your brand awareness, and also giving you the opportunity to monetize your videos with YouTube.  But don't wait until you hit the monetization guidelines for YouTube.  Start using affiiliate links in your descriptions and elsewhere today and start making money using TubeBuddy.  


One of the guilty pleasures of mines as an online business coach/consultant is teaching people all about Print On Demand.  In essence, you design products; things from T-shirts to coffee mugs to posters and more, and use a service like Printful to fulfill orders as they come in.  Print On Demand with Printful will allow you to have your own merchandise without having to spend upfront costs, or worrying about mailing things and storing inventory.  

When you get an order through Printful, Printful then fulfills the order, prints whatever design on the product you're selling, and ships it directly to your customers.  Nothing is better than waking up to the digital dollar that is passive income without having to lift a finger because Printful handled all the specifics for you. 

Why did I choose Printful over the tons of 3rd party Print On Demand services out there?  Because of the user friendly software, the tons of integrations, and the customer service.  They will even store your reselling inventory and fulfill orders for you if you want.  They're a top not company.  I'm extremely happy with Printful


This is a newer service I've started using.  Carrd quite literally allows you to build single page websites for practically anything.  Your kid having a birthday party?  Make a website to spread the details in minutes, not hours.  Carrd gives you that.  

You a fan of landing pages?  I for sure am.  I use them often in social media posts.  Carrd makes it possible with a few clicks.  I just started using them and I love it.  They have a free forever limited package, but I've already upgraded to a paid plan.  Try them out. I guarantee you will find plenty of uses for Carrd.  


Speaking of being a reseller on eBay or Amazon, I can't recommend the fine folks at 3DSellers enough.  As a full time reseller for years and now more of a part time seller, I've used their service.  I've also tried out dozens of other services like them or their competitors. But hands down, 3DSellers is the absolute best service out there for what they do.  Plus the customer support is amazing.  Try them for completely free right now.


I bounced around from podcast host to podcast host.  I tried some free and some paid hosting options for the past year or so.  I have several podcasts.  But recently I decided to give BuzzSprout a try.  And I was not disappointed in the least.  The site is super user friendly. Plus it's really affordable and there's a ton of features.  I think if I had went with BuzzSprout from the beginning my podcasting wouldn't have taken a backseat to other projects.  You can try them now with a free trial.  Just click my BuzzSprout link.


I first heard of Podpage on a long road trip to my lady's parents house.  I've had several other podcasting topics and niches on my mind but didn't want to invest the huge time committment into a full functioning WordPress site.  After the road trip my girlfriend and her sister decided they wanted to take their own podcast to the next level so I suggested a site through Podpage. They have free forever plans.  I actually set their site up for them and did all the customization. In total it only took a couple hours and their site is beautiful. The School of Self Made uses Podpage for this specific part of the website services.  It's like you can click a button and have a very functional website within minutes.  And Brendan, the founder, is a super cool guy who answers all of my questions personally.  I find myself complimenting him often for his work with Podpage.  If you're on the fence about a site for your podcast give Podpage a try.  You have absolutely zero risk. But fair warning, you're going to love it.


If you're anything like me, graphs and analytics give me a headache just looking at them.  I don't know what it is, but I don't do well with reading something like Google Analytics.  That's why I use MonsterInsights on all of my WordPress sites.  

MonsterInsights breaks things down in manageable, actual normal human understand.  They obviously cover the Google Analytics but also track WooCommerce, Form Conversions, Event Tracking, and other enhanced ecommerce.  I love it. Makes it easy for me to not spend 2 hours trying to understand data.  I can run my report and understand what is important now in seconds.  


Speaking of analytics, if you haven't noticed I really enjoy what affiliate marketing brings. I do use free services like for quick links, but I also swear by something a bit more robust in the form of ClickMeter.  Do me a favor, click the link at the top of the ClickMeter part.  Just look at the over 100 features they offer.  It's actually insane.  

ClickMeter lets you track any link, create your own pixels, track conversion values, anonymize your referals, API access, allow collab affiliates and so much more. Honestly, you just have to look over the features. I know I said I use MonsterInsights to see information quickly. But once a week I block out time to do a deep dive.  When I do that I want to know as much as possible to plan for the next week.  ClickMeter does that.  If you do any sort of affiliate marketing or even advertising, ClickMeter is worth more than twice the price tag.  


As you and your business grows you'll eventually either get completely burnt out by attempting to do everything on your own, or you'll understand you need an employee.  I personally don't have a ton of use for a physical body to be around so I outsource overseas with Fiverr.  

Fiverr has a ton of very talented, experienced, and skilled users.  You can find someone to complete almost any task.  There's literally thousands of jobs starting at only $5.  Do yourself a favor and do your business a favor, stop letting your business work you and start working the business.  Your time can be better spent elsewhere on more important jobs like growing your bank account. 


If you're not using Canva, then what exactly are you using?  The free plan will do wonders for you. I personally use the premium plan because of the extra features.  But it's only a couple bucks a month. And the amount of money you save by using their templates and doing basic graphic design instead of hiring or outsourcing is huge!  Canva is another service I legit use everyday.  If you haven't tried them yet, what are you waiting for?!

IdentityIQ & 800CreditRepairSolutions

Years ago when I was in college I was more than reckless with my credit score. And that's ok.  Since then I met a guy named Steve Park who's been rehabbing my credit score for me. Couple Steve and 800CreditRepairSolutions with the services of IdentityIQ my score will be the best it's been in over a decade by Januarary 2021.  The first week I was with Steve and IdentityIQ my score raised 44 points.  That's in one week.  Togethr they've been doing some amazing work for me and thousands of others.  Check IdentityIQ and schedule a free consultation with 800CreditRepairSolutions and just see what Steve can do for you.  And on top of his genius work, he's a legitimately genuine guy. I would do almost anything for him.  Their work speaks for itself. When you talk to Steve, make sure you tell him that Kevin Dennis sent you. 


So maybe your websites doesn't have the huge traffic needed to bring on a massive advertiser.  That's totally ok.  We alll start somewhere.  But what I recommend is instead of waiting for the traffic to come, why not have a smaller advertiser post ads on your site and start earning money now?  InfoLinks will do just that.  

You have full control over the amount of ads that are shown on your site. You can go heavy with tons of ads, or use sparingly.  InfoLinks gives you options.  Head over to hear some more.  


Last, on my list is Blinkist.  I'm a huge fan of investing in myself personally as I grow my brands and businesses. The best way I think you can invest in yourself is through education.  And I'm not talking about college degrees. I wish I never even got that. I don't even know where I stored my diploma. But self education and research have been the biggest factors of my success in the past 5 years.  With Blinkist I'm able to "read" thousands of books, but not invest the hours and hours it would usually take. Instead Blinkist condenses it into small, digestable "blinks."  So you can get all of the points and details of a books within 15 minutes.  And trust me, it's worth every single penny.  Try Blinkist for free if you don't believe me. But I promise you'll want to keep coming back. 


Brands With Our Direct Involvement

The following brands are businesses I either own, or have a close friend/family member who I've helped with their brand.  For example, The Single Black Female Podcast is actually my fiancé and her sister.  The rest are projects in development, fully launched, or the beginning stages.  Never be complacent guys.  Always push for more.

kando Game & Go

kando was developed as an all inclusive gaming community and marketplace.  At their site you can check out their community discussion forum and talk your favorite video games.  You can buy and sell retro and modern video games right from their marketplace.  The marketplace even has half the fees of eBay or Mercari.  Also they're working on a community generated showcase of video game collections as well as putting out some solid blogging content.  I recommend checking out their post about the best ways to buy & sell video games online and in person.  You might be able to make some quick cash after reading.  

The Single Black Female Podcast

These two women entrepreneurs are just impressive. Shannen is currently a full time nursing student. Zhene is employed full time as well as being a mother.  And even with all of that work load they're both part time entrepreneurs with separate businesses as well as their SBF Podcast brand.  They have merch and come across as genuine souls.  Give them a listen today.  

The Resell Basics

If you haven't noticed yet, but part of the education from School of Self Made is learning how to become a reseller online and making massive profits.  The Resell Basics takes a deeper look at how to properly set up, run and scale any eBay online business.  Look for some big things from them in the next year or two.

Zocial - The Last Social Media Service You'll Ever Need

Zocial at its core is a social media scheduling software that alllows you to publish content across the major social media platforms. With Zocial you have the ability to schedule your content years in advance if you'd like.  Particulary I wanted this service for myself as I control almost 3 dozen social media accounts, but I realized others would be able to implement this and gain some lost hours back they used to spend on social posts and replies. 

Pro Tip - I like to do "batch content scheduling." Basically I'll take the first Sunday of the month and schedule 90% of my social media account's content posts within 2 hours.  Then as the days go on I'll add other things.  

Zocial however isn't just a scheduling software.  It's very robust and offers tons of features including having your messages in one location, post performance analytics, brand listening, content curation, content calendars, tons of integrations, drip schedules, trigger posts, auto imports, 1 click reports and more.  

With this software, you'll be able to downgrade other services, saving you money, and almost increasing your overall productivity.  Zocial is going to be a huge game changer as it grows.  

Dad Syndrome

Dad Syndrome is a blog, journal, and letter to my son.  As a father of a son who happens to have Down Syndrome, our life is not the typical life of father and son.  My goal is to leave stories for my son to cherish when I'm gone from this earth, but also to eliminate negative stereotypes or uneccessary fears an expecting parent with a Down Syndrome prenatal diagnosis. 

Follow along if you'd like.  We'd love to welcome your to our family.

Steel City Exchange

Steel City Exchange is an online collectible and video game store. Our original plan was to open a brick and mortar location, but the recent pandemic halted that plan.  So now we're going online.  

SCX was designed for the average guy, young and old, in mind.  You'll be able to find new and sealed products, vintage items, clothing, gaming, comic books, toys and action figures, magazines, thousands of wholesale DVD/Blu Ray lots, and so much more.  

You can find us online through eBay, Mercari, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Shopify, and our own website soon.  Customer service is our number one goal. We'll always go the extra mile to make sure the needs or wants of our customers is met or exceeded.  

If you guys enjoyed these partner resources I would be glad to provide some more. These are just some of the ones that I have either developed a personal respect for, or they're products/services that I truly use personally, and most often, every day.  What do you think? Did I miss anything?  

Please consider joining our Patreon membership.  We'll be adding exclusive content often.


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