So what is the School of Self Made?

The School of Self Made is your free podcast source to launch, grow, or scale your online business ventures. Learn how to make a more than livable income from the comfort of your own home using a variety of online business models. Everything from branding to reselling to affiliate marketing and online course creation.  I'm here to give you the tools and education need to scale quickly and efficiently while avoiding the costly mistakes or time investment of having to learn all of this on your own.  


Who is Kevin Dennis?  

School of Self Made LLC founder Kevin Dennis

Kevin Dennis, or KD, has been a lifelong entrepreneur. Originally from small town, West Virginia, KD was the youngest of 5 siblings in a single mother household. When time's were tough he was expected to pull his weight financially and started contributing income to the household as young as 12 years old.

After graduating high school with high honors, KD then attended West Virginia University where he majored in Advertising with minors in Entrepreneurship and Business Admininstration.  KD is a big believer of remembering where you came from as evident from his use of the popular WVU phrase "Let's Go."

While in his last year of college, Kevin became a part owner of a popular nightclub. His ownership percentage was given to him in exchange for sweat equity.  Using that equity he was able to eventually leverage his way into owning 7 other bars/nightclubs in the Morgantown, WV area.  

Understanding the power of social media and branding he was able to turn around several failing concepts and turning in all financially successful businesses. While owning his bars/nightclubs he also owned a few other brick and mortar businesses, in addition to offering consulting, coaching, and maintaining different online business methods.  

As a reseller all the way back to the late 1990s KD teaches the majority of his online income students how to resell with high profit margins as the basis of his teachings. From there he has expanded into other online business methods like drop shipping, affiliate marketing, online course content, digital marketing, blogging, website building, podcasting, and several other platforms.  

His vision for the School of Self Made is to provide the tools and resources needed to allow families across the globe to better secure their financial futures in addition to helping their communities. Kevin is very active in the Down Syndrome community, his son, Kannon, is an individual with Down Syndrome, so it's a passion of his to advocate and raise awareness.

The majority of his teachings have come from relentless hours studying on his own free time to finding services, apps, and systems that allow him to create online income in a majority passive fassion.  If you're interested in a coaching relationship with Kevin, he can be contacted at kevin@schoolofselfmade.com.  While his schedule will not allow a large quanitity of students, he does try to take on several throughout the year short term and long term.  

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