School of Self Made

School of Self Made

So what is the School of Self Made? It's not the traditional business education. Not even close. The School of Self Made was created so I could impact as many lives as possible while teaching people how to make a full time income or more from the comfort of their own home.

Online income opportunities are growing at a lightning fast rate. Now, more than ever, people are less than positive that their employment will be there tomorrow. Get out of the rat race. Have the confidence to quit that job you hate. Or even make extra money to take the vacation you always wanted.

It's time to be your boss. With the School of Self Made I've made more money working a part time schedule than I did when I owned several businesses and worked 80+ hours a week. I'm here to teach you the quickest, most efficient ways to put money in your pocket and how to avoid the costly mistakes I made.

I'm successfully unemployed currently. I work from my own home and have been able to provide for my son in more ways than I ever imagined. And the best part is I get to spend that quality time with him that I missed when working the 80+ hour work weeks.

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